About the Author

Most people put no effort into any of these. I, on the other hand, do. So, following, is a collection of questions and answers about me. If you think anything else needs to go here, let me know!

Bio – “Who are you?! What are you doing here?!”j

Name: Fenixius. You’ll often see me around as Fen, though. It’s shorter and more easily pronouncable. Oh, and I’m the ONLY Fenixius on the -whole- internet. How cool is that?

Original Name: [Authorisation Denied.]

Known Aliases: Fen, Fenixius the Blitzkrieg, [Access Denied.], [Access Denied.], [Access De-..........signal lost.
. . .

Avatar: I'm the Moon. It's a peaceful image, eternal since the dawn of man, and very recognisable when compressed down to tiny, tiny resolutions.

Location: Perth, northern suburbs.

Age: 19 (as of October 2009).

Occuptation: Full time Student at Curtin University of Technology Australia, pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Information Technology). On the side, I'm a sales assistant at a local game retailer. I won't post who, since I don't exactly want conflicts of interest.

Website: http://fenixius.net/ - This is where you are right now!

Affiliations/Memberships: I've got a couple so...
- PantsParty - These guys are my primary gaming group and chatroom. I'm also an officer, so I help organise stuff and moderate the chatroom.
- ComSSA - The Computer Science Students' Association at my Uni.
- Escapist Magazine - My user profile at Escapist, where I'm an active article reader and forum poster.
- DeviantArt - One stop shop for any pictures I make and consider publishable.
- YouTube - My few videos and many favourites. I'm not especially active here, though.
- Facebook - My social networking site of choice.

Likes - "What sort of things are you into?"

Favourite Hue: Orange. Representing Fire, the Sun, and my secondary colour from Halo, way back in the day.

Favourite Shade: Charcoal Grey. Dark, but not too dark. Not black. My primary colour from Halo, way back in the day.

Least Favourite Question: Favourite Colour. It's horribly ambiguous. Does it means Hue? Shade? Combination? Hex value? The answer to the latter is #040404, by the way.

Favourite Flavoured Condom: No comment.

Favourite Band(s): Toughie, since I'm not into most music. I'll go with... Galneryus (sample), Apocalyptica (sample 1, sample 2), L'Arc~en~Ciel (sample), and Eminence Symphony Orchestra (sample).

Favourite Sport: Ballroom Dancing. I was a practitioner of Ballroom for a good 7 years, competitively and not. I'm not very good, but it's amazingly good fun. There are few things as enjoyable as dancing a fast, furious tango.

Favourite Sport (Spectator): Slamball. Basket Ball + Trampolines * Full Contact Sport = Hooooly shit awesome. Just check this out. The video will explain.

Gaming - "What do you play?"

Game Genres?: Though it changes slowly over time... I'm a PC guy mainly. So I like First Person Shooters, Roleplaying Games, and Real-Time Strategy. The only things I'm averse to are sports games, and racing games which aren't Wipeout. Platformers rub me the wrong way, too.

Favourite Game: Currently? Champions Online is the flavour of the month. Though Team Fortress 2 is the perennial favourite. Champs rocks 'cause I can be almost anything I like, and kick ass with it. Team Fortress 2 is the single best multiplayer game I've ever encountered. An FPS where you don't need to play it like an FPS! You can be seen, shot, and NOT be dead! It's brilliant.

Favourite Developer: Valve Corporation. Quite simply, the makers of some of the best games I know. They made TF2, the one I was just talking about?

Favourite Publisher: Stardock Entertainment. These guys advocate the death of DRM, and push consumer rights over corporate greed. And they published ! That’s another of my alltime favourite games. Risky, in the declining PC market, but they financed, promoted and distributed it. <3

Favourite Platform: Steam. If you -must- have a console out of me, it’s the Xbox 360. If you -must- have a handheld from me, it’s the Nintendo DS Lite. Those are the platforms I own, by the way.

Favourite Tabletop Game: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition. It’s a fantastic game; easy to get into if you have some mates to show you how, and incredible fun. You should have been there the time I came back to the party after freeing myself from being trapped as a ritual sacrifice to a dragon. They could not believe it.

Oh, and if you want me to write about stuff, ask me! Post a comment on one of the posts I make. I’ll see how I feel, and what I can do!